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Humanitarian Service

I am so pleased to be able to offer these free audios to those going through certain difficulties. These audios are created with the same Love, dedication, and professional quality as my other audio collection. 


Terminal or Serious Diagnosis:
Bathing Your Mind and Body in Healing Energies

This may be one of the most challenging news one may receive in a lifetime. I want to be there with you. I want to support you and send all of my Love and the Healing Energy of this Universe. Listen to my audio daily and allow the Divine Light to permeate and heal your Spirit, Mind, and Body. We will travel to the Healing Energies of the Amazons and allow the Energies to bathe every part of your body, healing and restoring it to Divine Health. 

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The Lost of a Loved One:
No Need to Say Goodbye

This probably is one of the saddest experiences we go through in this lifetime. As you go through this, I want to be with you. Listen to my audio as I remind you that they are next to you letting you know they are more alive than ever and sending you Love and supporting you all the time! We will travel to the Heavenly Gardens to reunite with your Loved One(s). 

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The following audios will be coming up soon! 
Thanks for your patience.

At Risk of Cutting One's Life Short: 
Remembering How Magnificent You Are

In desperate situations, some entertain the idea of ending their lives, thinking that all suffering will stop there. But it DOES NOT! If you are in this position, this is your audio. I not only remind you that we do not die and therefore, killing the body does not kill consciousness, but I also remind you of how everything is so temporary. Things will turn around for you when you remember your Inner Powers! You are Magnificent and I want to help you remember! You have so much to live for! Let's do it together! 

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Devastated by Bad News:
Discovering the Blessings Hidden in the Experience

Some times very unexpectantly we receive devasting news that turns everything upside down. In those moments, I want to be with you. With this audio, we will connect deep within to remember that everything happens for a reason. You will remember that you and your loved ones are Loved forever and everything will be allright.

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The despair of not finding a Job: 
Opening New Doors with Hope and Optimism

In these time of economic challenges, it may be more difficult to find that job. When you feel there is nowhere to turn, I want to be there with you. With this audio we will go into a beautiful journey, knowing that everything happens for a reason. You will tap into your true powers and rest in peace knowing there is a bright future for you unfolding even now.

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There will be no charge except for any donation you wish to make. For that, you can simply change the price to whatever you desire at the checkout. After completing your transaction, you will receive a link to download your free mp3s.

Please join me in sending a daily blessing to all who donate. They allow me to do this type of work and expand my mission. For them, I'm forever grateful!

If you or a loved one is experiencing a form of devastation not listed above, let me know so I can consider creating an audio to help in that situation. This is what donations allow me to do!

Tomado del audio "Recordando Quien Soy Yo", como ejemplo. 
Para oir ejemplos especificos de cada audio, tecle el titulo deseado. 
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Taken from the Remembering Who I Am audio series, as example. 
For specific samples of the other titles, click on the titles above.

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All of my products (including CDs, mp3s, and downloadable products) are protected by copyright laws as well as Karmic laws. I lovingly ask that you direct anyone to this page to buy his/her own copy and to get his/her own downloads. Each time you buy my products or my services, you are supporting my mission and my purpose, which is to help people live happier and more fulfilled lives.