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My relationship to each of my clients is very sacred to me. I want to deeply thank each one of them for what they mean to me. I feel very blessed by their presence in my life and very blessed that we can share part of our lives' journey together. I learn from each of them as much as they learn from me.

Some come and go while others stay with me forever. I do appreciate and love each one who crosses my path and honors me with his or her presence. 

Above all, we are all Spiritual Beings... magnificent and beautiful beings of Light and Love... but, some of you want to know who my clients are?

Well, let's see...

They range from elementary school children, to senior citizens well into their 90s, and all ages in between.

They come from different beliefs and sexual orientations, as well as from many different parts of the world: By my last count a few years ago, 22 countries were represented by my clients, in North- South- and Central America, Europe, Asia, the Middle and Far East, and even Australia.

Even though I hold sessions in English and/or Spanish, interpreters for any other languages are most welcome! Once, a Chinese interpreter became hypnotized before the client did!

Also, clients don't always hold the same beliefs as I do. They come from vastly different religious/non-religious backgrounds, and they are all welcome: Catholics, Mormons, Evangelical and non-Evangelical Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, Atheists, Muslims, Jews, Agnostics, Gnostics, Wiccan, Religious Science, Metaphysicals, and the self-described "Spiritual not Religious" ones. 

Coming from all walks of life and backgrounds, my clients have enriched my life by sharing their knowledge with me from their areas of expertise, which include: Education, technology, art & entertainment, housekeeping, medicine, food industry, counseling, engineering, law enforcement, construction, fire department, clergy, corporations, transportation, psychology, fashion industry, hypnotherapy, veterans, home-makers, lawyers, retired, students, ... The list goes on and on. The reasons they come to me are as varied and diverse as the clients themselves, and they are all welcome. No matter what area of life they need help with, I am open to anyone and happy to be of service.

It humbles me whenever my dear clients contact me to share their thoughts and feedback. I am reminded that it is not me doing this work. The credit goes to each one of them, with the help of their Angels and Spirit Guides. I simply continue to work on opening up in order to channel and allow myself to be guided to the best of my ability. Following are some of those letters and testimonials:


I don't think you have any idea how much our sessions have added to my life. I am actually excited about living, which I have always found daunting. I am looking forward to figuring out who I really am and want to be. I can honestly say that I have never felt this grounded and at peace before. I know the road ahead is not going to always be easy or fun but I'm looking forward to it nonetheless...
V.S., Hermosa Beach, California 


... and my Reiki seems to be flowing out of my hands in a much stronger force. Almost as though something inside of me was somehow blocking or impeding the flow. But now the energy is really flowing. I guess you cleared out the junk that has been building up in my channels. ... As far as the energy work that you've been helping me with... my back and chest areas are a lot less wacked-out than they may have been in the past. Not to mention that my chronic allergy symptoms seem to have dissipated.

Jim B, La Verne, California 


I would write a 10-page term paper on how wonderful hypnotherapy has been for me. I think you are wonderful and want everyone to know. Hypnotherapy has changed my life in an amazing positive way. I have connected with my true self and feel more present in my everyday life. Laura has a gift and I am blessed to have found her.

JB, Hollywood, California 


I didn't fully realize the impact Laura's work had on me, until I returned the third time and we started discussing some of the items that had come before and how I was doing with them. I realized that those sources of irritation had lost much of their power to make me "crazy". And only in talking about them with Laura, did I realize I was handling them much better. Since our work, I find myself paying attention to how I respond to life... instead of just reacting to it.
J.T., Glendora, California 


"I have received so much positive input from my therapy sessions with Laura. I have crossed huge distances in a short amount of time in understanding my life experiences and turning them into learning experiences rather than the negative that I became used to associating them with. I have been in regular therapy since I was in 2nd grade... I NEVER made any progress before now. I am moving forward with leaps and strides into a brilliant, bright future with Laura's kind and loving guidance... I look forward to each new experience with her. This has truly been a joyful experience." 
V.G., Claremont, California 


I'm so in awe of God and how he works, thank you so much for being his angel... Hypnotherapy has been a blessing sent to me from God. For the last four years of my life I've been on a journey trying to make myself a better mother and person. For two years I did counseling with a psychologist, which was very beneficial, but also very long and tedious, I guess during that period in my life I needed the one-on-one attention and patience and time a psychologist gives. Then they suggested I start taking medications (Paxil, Prozac, Ativan, Effexor, Wellbutrin) you name it I've tried it. So I thought sure why not it's better to be using "legal" drugs instead of dope or other much worse drugs, I've been labeled as obssessive compulsive and bipolar too. So for the past two years I've been depending on medication and psychiatrists. My life has taken a downhill spiral since then. I became a walking zombie, unable to be the artist I am, no emotions, not happy, sad, angry, no sexual desires or feelings, just a living zombie, tired all the time, and sleeping all the time. Over the last year my life has gotten really out of control to the point that my marriage has almost been ruined, not to mention myself. I started self medicating and by going on shopping binges, drinking binges, eating binges, lusting binges, and got worse and worse. About six months ago a great mentor and friend brought me to Laura, and said I should try hypnotherapy. I was very resistant at first, but at the bottom of my life, so I went. Since seeing Laura I've seen the most growth in my life, in loving myself and finding who I am that I've ever seen in my entire life. I am able to become a strong, confident woman who is at peace with herself and everyone around her, b/c of the therapy and healing I receive from meeting with Laura. God has sent her as angel to help me right now,and I tell everyone I care about and love that they should try at least one session. Most people however are willing to settle for the mediocre life that everyone else lives, but I am not. Which is why I go and meet with Laura, despite the spiritual attack, and not to mention jumping out of my comfort zone, I face every week. Whatever your "thing" is that you struggle with if you really want to help yourself, and those you love, this is a great way to do it. Step up, and don't settle, and God bless you on this amazing journey!
F. B., Rancho Cucamonga, California 


Thank you for helping me remember that I am a part of Nature and a child of the Universe... a very beautiful thing!
G.L., Alta Loma, CA 


Thank you so much for being in my life. You are such an amazing person. You make me Love life even more! Love,
Y.P., La Verne, CA 


Dear Laura, 
Thank you for shining your love and light onto me and the beautiful Universe. You have helped me to find my true self and my place in this world. I send you blessings. With love and gratitude,
A.H., Glendora, CA 


Thank your for shining your beautiful, gentle light into my life. You are a blessing beyond measure. Love,
M.G., Pomona, CA 


Since my late 20s I have suffered form severe anxiety and phobias. I've been afraid of my body/health and airplanes to a debilitating and life-altering point. I have had trouble expressing my feelings to others in fear of their response and possible unhappiness with me. Over the past months Laura has helped me in so many ways. She has given me a set of beliefs and a sense of mindfulness that enables me to see things from a much more posititve perspective. She has given me the ability to love myself and know that everything will be ok. It is because of her that I now look at myself and others with more compassion and less anger and fear. I am beginning to see life as something to enjoy and not someting to worry about. Her presence in my life has been an amazing gift.
T.C., Carmel Valley, CA
[Note: We haven't met yet - All work/sessions are done over the phone] 


Laura, it is wonderful to have a person of your sensitivity and generosity with me as I travel... You are a treasure and your friendship is a Gift... The Universe put you in my life and I am forever grateful... Laura is an intuitive, compassionate and talented healer. We have been doing [Past Life] regression therapy successfully for several months. What makes the process even more unusual is that we are working long distance over the telephone. I would highly recommend Laura...
C. K., New York. 


Inside of card reads:
This is what you are helping me achieve. I am blessed to have you in my life at this part of my journey. Each day I discover more of who I really am and moving closer to the way being expressed by this card. You are a gift to all who cross your path. Love and Light, 

RH, La Verne, CA. 





Thank you for your loving guidance and support. I really appreciate your commitment to making the world a better place one person at a time. I am grateful I am one of those people. Have a beautiful week,

C.M., Claremont, CA 


Laura is change and growth. I went to her for what I supposed was a minor issue which turned out to be my life. I would reiterate endlessly about them and those experiences only to find out it was me. Endlessly patient with a great sense of humor, she allowed drama if needed, before we started the Work. She held the Truth when I couldn't. She knows only love and beauty. That's Laura!!"
C.G., Phillips Ranch, CA 


Hi Laura, 
I'm so happy to report that I am seeing results! I had a much better day today too! Although I didn't get up as early as I would have liked, my whole day was very productive and no urge to nap! My [business] meetings just doubled for next week and the one after that! Plus, I feel confident I will have enough business to turn in before the end of the month to insure that I get the free [ business] trip! Yeah! It's funny you just emailed me - I was just going to email you and ask you if you did energy work on me last night or something! I'll keep you posted... Hugs,

V.K., Arcadia, CA 


Dear Laura, 
I wanted to send you a letter of thanks and let you know how much I appreciate everything I have learned from you. I never thought that a Spiritual Counselor and Hypnotherapist could teach me so much. I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical at first and after I left as well. You were absolutely right in everything you said. I wanted to strenghten my activity and productivity to achieve more ouf of life and business and you told me I was doing all I could possibly do, physically. The only thing left was to learn to love myself; the Universe would take care of the rest, just as it was supposed to happen. How right you were. I have learned to love myself and have, in turn, found myself working less, while my business and personal life seem to be thriving. Your words and wisdom have helped me on many levels and I just have to stop and say, "Thank You", without your help I would be running myself ragged with frustration and anger. Thanks to you, Laura, I can live life fully and use the earth's energy within, instead of senselessly working against it. Your insight changed my view of the universe, in the most positive way. Thank You,

Dr. G.L., Alahambra, CA 


Hi Laura, 
The experience of the past life regression was very interesting and I have already experienced some of the healing. I was stuck in a place and can now move forward. It was so helpful to speak what I had been thinking and feeling and to have it confirmed that we do experience everything with the lessons being love and forgiveness. Of course, I knew this already but now feel better able to work on these important lessons. Thank you so much. It's so reassuring to know that if I need further help I can turn to you. I also find it most helpful to remember that it's all a game. Love,

A.A., Utah 


Dearest Laura,
Thank you sooo much for the session last time before I went [out of town]! It made me feel much better and stronger. Things went well with the business meetings and I enjoyed myself. I look forward to our next session, Thank you again! Just want to write to show you my appreciation. Warmest Regards,

C.K., San Marino, CA 


Hello Laura, 
My name is B., I came to you a year ago or so with fear of riding on horseback. Well, first things first: I'm referring a friend to you with similar issues... and regarding myself, I'm doing fine. Since last September I have logged over 400 hours of horseback. I'm riding daily if not more!... I thought I gave you an update. Well, I will talk to you later. Good luck, Have a good week
B.H., Glendora, CA 


I have to admit, life is looking up real fast thanks to you Laura

M.F., Glendora, CA 


I just took your class tonight and just wanted to thank you so much I really love how you described the subconscious and the conscious minds and loved the visuals for the garden and Spirit being in space… you just gave great metaphors to really make the concept understandable. I took a lot away from your class and I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed it and how powerful it was… thank you again.
At workshop, Learning Light Foundation, Anaheim, CA 


I wanted to share some absolutely wonderful news with you. I went to have another sonogram and today I went to pick up the report. I’m so thrilled, the report says that there is no longer evidence of the previously seen right ovarian cyst. I am just over the moon, it’s obviously gone. All the work I have done with you and the Reiki and of course taking the pill have worked and the cyst is gone. I wanted to share it with you because it’s being a huge part of our work together.
K.K., Long Beach, CA 


I just got off the phone with [my friend], and she says that she absolutely loves you and listens to your CD every night. She is with hospice now and she is at peace where she is at, thank you so much for helping her in her transition. I also talked to my son about seeing you and he wants to meet you and have a session with you. Thank you very much for all you do, we all love you.
M.M., Rancho Cucamonga, CA 


Not only has Laura provided the most genuine and helpful guidance, so separate from her ego, she has become like a friend that I have yet to meet, as I started my sessions on the east coast and shortly after I was, and am now on the west coast...I have been doing tele-hypnotherapy... It was a big move and lots to go along with that. I have grown and evolved so much since then and I am so thankful for all of Laura's unconditional helpfulness. I look forward to every session and the way in which I am now living, loving and evolving in this life. Thank you, Laura, you have been such a blessing! 
Love always~ 

L.L., Arizona 
[We haven't met yet - all work/sessions are done over the phone] 


Hello Laura, 
My name is "Joe" and I was referred to you by a client of yours, who is a very good friend of mine. The reason for my email is that I've come to a point in my life where it seems as though my negativity has consumed what was once my very positive outlook on life. I become frustrated or angered much more easily now, and even wake up in bad moods. This negativity has now taken its toll on my relationship. In short, I want to change. I want to be positive, motivated and fulfilled each and every day of my life. I want to reach my goals and dreams. I saw [my friend] two days ago, and he is most certainly a changed man. His wife credits you with that change, so here I am asking for the same thing. Can you help me? I look forward to hearing from you soon. Best regards,

Joe, Arcadia, CA 


Hello Laura

Just wishing you a very happy and rewarding New Year. I am sure by now you have designed your blue print for 2010, and you can hardly wait to create another episode in your life.
I just wanted to thank you for the knowledge and inspiration you were able to share with me during the times I needed them. 2009 was a remarkable year, as in past years, the foundation of my animal communication skills became solid as stone. My doubts are very few if any at all. Already making and playing the didgeridoo, I began making the Native American style drums, sampling their energy, and being able to relax to the sound of rain created by one of my own hand-made rain sticks. 
I am being able to help people and animals heal themselves through energy work, and especially talking to my very own Guardian Angels (and team). I live a very rewarding life now. I sometimes take a deep breath and look into the past to see how far I have come, or how strong my faith and beliefs have developed. WOW!!!!! This is a small gesture of thanks and appreciation for all the guidance, support and patience you have invested in me all these years. Now in closing, if it had not been for my bout with depression and so called memory loss causing me to look for a good hypnotherapist I would have missed out on one of the most mysterious parts of my journey. And just think, all of this was started with just one phone call from me asking for a plate full of memory, hold the metaphysical please!
D.A., San Gabriel, CA


I have struggled with an eating disorder since I was nine. I had been in over six treatment facilities since that time. A little over a year ago, I experienced a relapse. I attended three different eating disorder facilities within a span of four months, with little relief from my symptoms. At odds with how to get the help I needed and after trying most conventional forms of psychotherapy, my mother suggested hypnosis. After much thought, I decided to visit Laura. I was skeptical at first, however through Laura’s hypnotherapy I gained freedom from my illness. Currently, I have been symptom free for over a year. Slowly I am beginning to learn to love my body and myself. My treatment with her has changed my view of hypnosis as a supplemental treatment for eating disorders. Thanks to Laura, I am growing both psychologically and spiritually.
A.L., Covina, CA