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Spiritual/Life Coaching

As a Licensed Spiritual Coach by the Universal Gnostic Fellowship, Laura works with you to connect Spirit, Mind, and Body. She guides you through balancing all areas of your life. The core of the work is helping you remember your own Divine nature, your unlimited powers, your magnificent being. She helps you remember you are a Cosmic being, not just a human being. You need to reclaim your Infinite Powers. Laura honors all religions as different paths to the same Creator. However, with her approach it does not matter if you belong to a religion or not, or whether you are very religious, atheist, or anything in between. She welcomes everyone. Laura teaches that what is important is how you live your life honoring everyone and his or her religious beliefs.


As a Certified Hypnotherapist, Laura incorporates hypnosis in her counseling sessions as a way to accelerate the process of growing, but you can always opt out of hypnosis. Laura uses fast and effective techniques that allow you to enter a very deep level of hypnosis. In hypnosis, Laura uses fast inductions as well as progressive relaxation techniques and imagery. Many clients seek Laura for her Spiritual Coaching or to find their purpose in life, but she also has many clients who come to see her for very specific goals, such as removal of a particular fear, to deal with saddness or anxiety, or to lose weight or change careers. Hypnosis is a powerful tool that Laura uses in many different ways to achieve your goals. To learn more, visit the Hypnotherapy page.

Past Life Regression

Laura studied past life and progression therapies with renown psychiatrist, Dr. Brian Weiss, best-selling author of Many Lives Many Masters. She uses past life regression upon the request of clients and/or as guided by Spirit Guides. Past Life Regression is a powerful tool in understanding present challenges and life purposes. Laura sees tension among people simply melt away by understanding prior relationships and karmic issues. Occasionally, people schedule a past life regression simply out of curiosity, to look into their past. Others pursue past life regressions to understand a troublesome area of their lives. Either way, Laura is more than happy to guide you through the process. These sessions can be conducted over the phone. Laura uses her gift of connecting with you through your past life regression in a way where she "sees" and understands and is able to connect your past life to your current life. She will explore them with you and allow you to move forward in your life in a more peaceful, joyful way. 

Laura uses progression therapy, which she also learned from Dr. Brian Weiss, to help clients understand choices and the effects that those could have in their future.

Psychic Development

Many of Laura's clients have come to her for particular issues (maybe to improve motivation or remove certain fears) only to realize there is so much more in their lives than what they were experiencing. While reaching a particular goal, many clients have become greatly interested in learning about new areas of life. Laura teaches people how to become more intuitive, about energy fields in the body, how to pray and meditate effectively, and about exciting areas of metaphysics and the non-physical dimensions of life. She has trained clients to find their Spiritual purpose/mission in life in order to help others, become Spiritual healers of people and/or animals, to serve Holy Spirit by performing hands-on healing, or to become coaches. She helps people become powerful beings, regardless of their mission, by working on self first, and finding the true calling.

Dream Interpretation

Dreams are a critical part of a person's evolution. When a person sleeps, he/she may have many different experiences that can lead to healing, by drawing from the wealth of information expressed through dreams and incorporating that knowledge into daily life. Dreams have a very special meaning and Laura helps clients understand them and their unique nature.

Energy Work

Laura is a Certified Third Degree Reiki Master and Teacher of the Usui Shiki Ryoho Order. Laura incorporates energy work on each of her hypnosis sessions (if the client desires it), which is a combination of Reiki and her own techniques. 

Reiki is a hands-on technique brought to the world by a Christian monk, Dr. Usui. This healing energy that is sent through the hands from Laura to the client is simply Divine Energy that allows for healing. Laura teaches clients how to utilize and open up to their Own Energies in achieving Mastery over their Life. One of the best ways to manifest the life of your dreams is to open to the flow of this Universal Energy. She also teaches and gives the hands-on healing modality of Reiki I, II, and III attunements. For more information about the Reiki techniques, go to Classes and Workshops.

Angel Communication

Laura invokes the presence of Angels and Spirit Guides and the Holy Spirit prior to each session, so that the process is Divinely guided for each particular client. Angel and Spirit Guidance work is one --if not the most important-- aspect of her work. People's angels and Spirit Guides are always with them and Laura helps clients connect with them. She is certified as an Angel Therapy Practitioner ® by psychologist Dr. Doreen Virtue, best-selling author of Healing with the Angels. Laura teaches and guides through the process of opening up to a person's own Guides and Angels and how to communicate and listen to these messengers of God. Even though Laura is available to do "angel readings", she prefers teaching clients how to do it themselves. A person should not need anyone else to do an Angel Reading. The connection between a person and God is always open and when he/she opens up to it, bliss and happiness is found.

Distance Healing

As a Certified Third Degree Reiki Master/Teacher and Angel Practitioner, Laura performs distance healing, which includes: 

  • Setting the altar, which includes your picture if you choose to send it to her 
  • Evoking your Angels, Spirit Guides and the Holy Spirit.
  • Connecting with you at the Astral Plane. 
  • Bringing the Divine Energy into your Physical Space. 
  • Healing Work with your Aura and Chakra/energy fields. 
  • Energy enters your brain and body to work with your organs and chakras from the inside.
  • External Body work which includes head, shoulders, back/spine, arms, and legs. 
  • Raising the Earth Energies and bringing them into your Physical Body and Space.
  • Grounding your Spirit into your body and the Earth. 

Laura recommends that as she performs the Healing Session, you set aside this time and lie down comfortably in a quiet place where you will not be disrupted.

Other Services Provided

Group sessions:

For most of the services listed above, Laura provides one-on-one sessions and also group sessions (two or more people, depending on type of session). For information on rates go to Hours/Rates.  

Group Hypnosis

As opposed to any of the above services which are geared towards individual or small groups for coaching, angel readings, or healing work, these "Group Hypnosis" are designed for families or friends who want to get together to achieve common goals (such as confidence, weight issues, relationship issues and many others). For ideas, go to Areas of Help. For rates go to Hours/Rates

Coaching/Hypnosis Phone Sessions

Phone sessions are available to clients who are unable to come to the office. This is ideal for out-of-town clients. So effective and successful are Laura's hypnosis phone sessions (as well as past life regressions) that she has "seen" clients develop into powerful beings and healers, many of whom she has never met in person. Sessions can be conveniently scheduled by contacting Laura directly or by going to Schedule Consultations

Your Own Customized CD or mp3

Laura provides reinforcement audio so that you can listen on your own time to reinforce new positive patterns. It is especifically tailored to your requirements and desires. In making it, Laura connects with your Spirit Guides and Angels and Reiki Masters, pouring the Universal Energy into it, so that as you listen, she, your Angels and Guides will be there each time with you pouring that energy into you. 
In creating each and every one of her CDs and mp3s, Laura is now incorporating some of the latest technologies of brainwave entrainment, which make the hypnosis audios incredibly powerful. Non-tailored CDs and mp3s are also available. For more information go to Self-Hypnosis CDs & mp3s

Your-Own-Voice Affirmation CD or mp3

Laura creates CDs of affirmations recorded with your own voice and burned into a CD or as an mp3 so that you can use a CD player or download to your listening device anytime. These are wonderful ways of reinforcing all of your desires, from the highest Spiritual Intentions to the detailed material desires. If you are a regular client, the recording will be incorporated into one of the sessions at no extra cost. If you are not a regular client, but would like a session to create the CD/mp3 with your own voice, simply contact Laura to reserve a 30-minute session. If you are out of town, she will provide instructions on what to do. 

Gift Certificates

Gift certificates are available as a way for you to honor someone you care about. It is also a wonderful way to introduce someone else to his or her own greatness and inner Powers. Even one session will open someone up who is ready to awaken, or plant a seed in someone who may not be quite ready yet. You can easily order a gift certificate by going to Shop for Sessions/Gifts


For information on classes and groups, go to Classes and Workshops. Workshops tailored for organizations and corporations are available upon request. Popular topics include: the Law of Attraction, the Power of your Subconscious Mind, Self Hypnosis, Bringing Abundance to your Life, and others.

English or Spanish

Because Laura is bilingual, sessions are available in English or Spanish. She is originally from Costa Rica and has been a U.S. resident for over 25 years. For more information on Spanish sessions, please go to En Español