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Scheduling a Consultation

You are about to take the first step to a beautiful journey. We will travel together and I will be here with you every step of the way. The journey will take you as far as you want to go into your own transformation. It is an expedition of remembering that you are a powerful Spiritual Being and together we will work to meet your goals!

To schedule your first session, simply email or text me. Just provide your name and availability. 

Once you have scheduled the first session with me, please come back to this website and print these forms, using the password I will text to you.  Forms include instructions, as well as how to prepare for our first meeting.  I look forward to meeting and working together.

Forms to bring to first meeting

What to expect in the first session

The first session includes taking history, reviewing your goals, intentions, dreams, and desires.  We talk about the mind and how to retrain it.  We talk about the Spirit-Mind-Body connection. We may also do hypnosis (if you so desire and depending on time).  In each session you are given tools so that you can practice in between visits. This accelerates the process of transformation.

This is team work and as such I am committed to your success. You can take this as far as you want. Again, this is about transforming your life so that it is rich and abundant. This process is about you remembering your true Nature, so that you can manifest all of your dreams and desires and fulfill your
life's purpose. I will hold a space for you to remember. Your success is my success. Ultimately, we are all One.

Each session will be guided by your Angels and Spirit Guides. In addition, there will be Reiki/Energy work done, crystals, and even sound healing, as guided by your Angels and Spirit Guides. These will be done while you are in hypnosis, which allows your mind, body and Spirit to receive and perceive the healing energies at a deeper level.