Remembering Who I AM is one of the most powerful audios I've created, because with this journey you will remember Who you really are and what your purpose is. This is the most important aspect of our journey here on planet Earth, to absolutely know that we are Spiritual Beings, with all the powers of this Universe and to understand our purpose. But it is not sufficient to 'know' this intelectually... we must live it! To live it we must have the awareness in our subconcious minds.

This audio will help you reprogram your subconscious mind. You are a Magnificent, Brilliant, and Powerful Being! You need to awaken to this truth. In this journey, which we will take together, these truths will be reinforced each time. You are here on Earth to experience the Love, the Compassion, The Light, The Wisdom, and the Abundance that You Are!

In this journey, you will give yourself permission to enter a safe and beautiful state of relaxation. You will feel the Divine Love pouring on you, as you relax the mind and find the truth of who you are. Through the hypnotic journey, we will move above the physical experience to the celestial spheres to claim the truth. Begin to create heaven on Earth!

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Listen to a sample of this Self Hypnosis session:
(must wear DUAL headsets to get the effects for this track
otherwise it will sound distorted!)

Every one of my audios are recorded with the latest
brainwave entrainment technologies and lots of Love.
To check what goes into my audios (as well as any requirements) click here.

Take this Journey With me
and Start Remembering
Your True Beautiful and Powerful Nature!

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Remember that with each CD or download version, you receive:
1. Intro/Lecture audio (6+ min) on a separate track, and
2. Main hypnotic audio (30+ min) on a separate track, and
3. Written document (PDF) with daily ideas and affirmations.

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