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Laura's Spiritual Message

Short talks to encourage you in your daily life 

My goal is to be here for you every step of the way, as you remember your true Nature and your true Powers. I want to walk with you as you take control of your life and fulfill your goals and your dreams! 

I am excited to provide these recorded short messages as quick reminders of your power within. You can listen to them here or download them to your computer or mobile device. To download, simply place the cursor over the desired title and click on the right button on your mouse. Click on "save link as" (or "save target as") and the download will begin. I hope you enjoy each one. Feedback is always welcome and appreciated! 

Many blessings to you. 

Laura Bonilla


Appreciating everyone and everything 

What are your priorities in life? 

Becoming mindful in your daily life 

Everything in life is a blessing 

Being loving with everyone 

Being compassionate 

Forgiving yourself and others 

Active Llstening 

Dropping opinions 

Taking life lighter 

It's all about being, not doing 

Being here and now 

Be a source of inspiration